KUJI - The Nine Syllables
(English Translation with Japanese text)

You will be drawing the Kuji grid, empowering yourself with the secret nine hands Kuji-kiri positions in a short time. You will be chanting the sacred five mantras and doing the mudras of the Go-Shin-Bo. For the first time in a western language two different prominent Japanese Kuji manuals have been translated in their entirety into English. All of the original Japanese characters and drawings have been reproduced. Much mystery has surrounded the Kuji and now you can own two of the original Japanese sources yourself.

72 pages Sati Course SC# 109 WAS $89.95 Now only $45.95

MIKKYO: An Introduction to

This course forms the foundation for the study of Mikkyo, the secret teachings of Japanese Vajrayana Buddhism. The history and theories of Buddhism are studied, as well as an overview of the theories, rituals, tools and practices of Mikkyo. This six-week course includes an 99 page workbook, weekly meditation exercises, quizzes, a final exam, a CD with meditation exercises and vocabulary pronunciations, and a completion certificate from SATI.

(Suggested prerequisite: Course 101) Sati Course 121: SC# 113 $39.95

TENDAI: An Introduction to Tendai is said to be the fountainhead of Japanese Buddhism and contained with it is the esoteric teachings of Mikkyo.

Learn the history and practices of this famous school of Buddhist teachings brought by Saicho to Japan from Mt. TenTai in China. Filled with knowledge, philosophy, history of famous leaders and practices to take you to the peace and the enlightenment you seek.

Introduction to Tendai book is 82 pages long and comes with 2 cds a Meditation and Vocabulary CD!! #SC112 $39.95

(English Translation)

This is a complete translation of the Tendai Daily Practice, complete with the Japanese text. Normally only given to those receiving ordination, it includes preliminary practices, the Heart Sutra, The Sutra of Amitabha, and the vows of Dengyo Daishi.

This 53 page Practice manual includes a cd with pronunciations of all the chants. SC# 110 Was $69.95 Now $39.95

BUDDHISM: An Overview of
For those who are interested in the Mikkyo Studies this is a must so that you will understand the foundations of the Buddhist teachings. This Course on Buddhism will share much from the life of its founder to the main schools of Buddhism today and present you a good overview of the history, philosophy, and practices of the Buddhists Way of Enlightenment.

93 pages Manual and an audio CD! Sati Course 101: SC# 111 $39.95

RITUAL OF FUDO-MYO-O (Translation)

Includes 65 illustrations of the once-secret mudra hand positions. A private narrative from the Tendai Homan Ryu for the ritual of attaining Fudo-Shin “immovable mind”.
This narrative is to be chanted while practicing the mudra hand positions.

Deepen your Mikkyo studies. 43 pages SC# 121 Special only $39.95


Mikkyo is fascinating!!
Learn it ALL. If you are going to do it then you will really need and want all of these course studies so we have put them together into one study package for you.
Learn the secret hand position of Kuji-in,
Learn all about the Tendai Mikkyo school and its history,
Do the Tendai Daily Practice,
Chant with the monks,
Learn the finger weaving of Fudo Myo and chants,
Learn the famous worldwide practiced Heart sutra,
Learn and become a part of the history of Buddhism,
Learn the theories, rituals, tools and practices of Mikkyo.


  • KUJI - The Nine Syllables - 72 page Training Manual
  • Mikkyo an intro to - 99 page Training Manual and a meditation CD.
  • TENDAI DAILY PRACTICE - 53 page Training Manual and an audio CD!
  • TENDAI: An Introduction - 82 page Training Manual plus 2 cds a Meditation and Vocabulary CD
  • BUDDHISM: An Overview - 93 page Training Manual and an audio CD!
  • RITUAL OF FUDO-MYO - 43 page Training Manual

    This is your opportunity to learn more about this path of peaceful, harmonious enlightenment.

    You get all 6 Training Manuals and 5 Cds for the low price of only $247-

    #SC-Complete $247-

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